Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.

.- Arthur C. Clarke



A multi-material 3D printer capable of printing electronic devices and components.

Design Cauldron

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Design and layout software in which users  create physical, mechanical, and electrical designs.

Social Community

A web-driven portal where users exchange and share innovative projects in order to drive sales.

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The Electronic Alchemy eForge is a 3D printing system capable of producing functional electronics.

Electronic device components and sensors can be designed and printed on demand, or downloaded from the extensive shared library on our design portal. These 3D printed components can be used in items such as toys, mobile devices, and beyond.

The Electronic Alchemy product line is unlike any product line that exists today.  Morningbird Media owns the intellectual property that drives it.




The Technology Transfer Office at NASA’s Glenn Research Center of Cleveland, Ohio, has signed an evaluation license with Morningbird Media Corporation. The evaluation license allows the company to investigate GRC’s design and process using their equipment to produce the sensors that complement their suite of functional electronics in additive manufacturing. NASA has supported the development of this technology with the hopes of it contributing to its space exploration mission